At Pillsbury, we build lasting relationships with our residents and their families.  The key to our success is our commitment to caring and compassion, and to respect and learn from each individual... and grow from knowing our residents.

Anna and Glads Tremblay


“Times of transition are times of turmoil and change. The people at Pillsbury were there for my mother and me during those critical times. We are deeply grateful to them and happy with the important decisions we had to make at those times of transition.”

– Hank Fischer, whose mother lives at Pillsbury Manor South and was at Allenwood
My parents moved to Allenwood in 2008 and were more than happy there until my father died in 2012. I say "more than happy" because I heard repeatedly from them, with no prompting from me, how much they liked living at Allenwood.
They liked the facility, they liked the staff, the other guests, and they liked the food. This despite the fact that they’d always been very independent and despite my father’s slightly unusual dietary habits.
It’s been perfect for them, there’s no other word I can use.
Despite asking them repeatedly and hearing from them repeatedly about their experiences, I have never heard a complaint. Not once. But I have heard the praise and the gratitude and I hope you have too.

Since my mother’s been on her own, she’s been in two places: Allenwood at first, and now that she needs more care, Pillsbury Manor South.
She remains happy as a clam. She has friends among both staff and residents, she loves the food, and she really feels at home. ” – David Beckett, Son of Pillsbury Manor South Resident
Pillsbury has given compassionate family centered care to my mom Betty for almost ten years- initially with gently supported independence and finally with skilled devotion to her intense needs. Not every ninety-four year old recovers from a broken ankle, but the staff helps us realize the unexpected. As a resident of Allenwood my mom has been treated like a cherished family member by all. In early days she could drive to church and grocery shopping and volunteered in a nearby preschool. Later she rode the van to the library and senior luncheons. While living in her spacious bright apartment, her privacy and dignity have been maintained cheerfully through changing needs. Opportunities to socialize and form friendships have been abundant. Mom has especially enjoyed musical guests performing in the living room downstairs. Pillsbury is not just a residence- it's home."” – Kathy Kort- retired South Burlington teacher and Huntington resident
After her husband passed away, Mom, then age 86, decided she needed to move from her home in New Jersey and that it would be best to be nearer two of her three sons who live in the Burlington Vermont region. For a variety of logistical reasons, she had to rely on her sons to visit senior living arrangements in the area. We embarked on web research and personal visits to a number local independent living/assisted living facilities. In the end, we easily came to the conclusion that Pillsbury Manor's Allenwood facility would work well for mom.

How did we go about doing this 'facility review' for her? When visiting, we made sure to hear not only from management (who we found very accommodating) but also from a variety of residents and line staff. We asked things like, 'What do you most like about living/working here?', 'What would you like to change?', 'Tell me about the food?', 'What kinds of activities do you get involved in?', 'How did you make the decision to move here?' The responses from residents and staff in different facilities were quite varied, with those from Allenwood clearly most enthusiastic. We also chatted with family members of current residents to get their views on how their parent(s) were doing at Allenwood. Lastly, we took time to just sit and observe interactions between staff and residents.

When an opening in a unit that appeared to accommodate mom's wishes came up in late 2013, we urged her to 'grab it now'. She moved in a little over two years ago. Since our first visit (and throughout our regular visits with her), we have been impressed with the attentiveness, the caring, the friendliness and respectful attitude of staff, at all levels.

Two bits from one of 'Allenwood's extended family' members (my term). ” – Tom Zenaty, Son of Allenwood Resident
At first, my friend, Mary, was sure she did not want to come to an assisted living community, even though living alone was really not a safe option for her. She was glad that she chose Pillsbury Manor South when she realized how much easier life was for her in her new surroundings. Great food, caring people, and pleasant surroundings were all the ingredients that won her over. I was particularly gratified by how quickly the staff responded to her changing needs. Throughout her stay, everyone was very helpful to me as well. Thank you all!” – Anthe Athas, friend of Mary Pappas, South resident from 2009-2015.
Thank you to the entire staff and administration at Pillsbury for your caring, compassionate and professional care of my mother. Words cannot adequately express how grateful I and my entire family are to you all. ” – Family Member of Pillsbury Manor South Resident
We first want to let you know that we are amazed and grateful for the staff at Allenwood. Every single person we have met including nursing, cleaning, dining room and administrative staff has been friendly, warm and caring. My parents feel very welcome and comfortable and that has made the transition from their previous apartment go very well. - Iris Banks, daughter” – Joe and Tova Blum, Allenwood Residents
THANK YOU for everything you did for my mom in the past year and a half she was living at Pillsbury - and I really mean LIVING!
You all gave her a reason to get out of bed each and every morning. Outside of the exceptional care she was given, it was all the little things that I doubt you even knew you were doing that made such a difference.
. . . Mom came into Pillsbury in Jan of 2012, she was just a weak little frame of a woman, I didn't even think she had that much time left, but with the intervention and caring people that you are, she just thrived, and left Pillsbury a year and a half later feeling younger and healthier that she had in many, many years! . . . You should all be so proud that you have made such a difference in a life.
. . . thank you just does not seem enough.” – Mary Ann Meshako, Daughter of Sophie Perkowski, Pillsbury Manor South Resident 2012-2014
My mother came to Pillsbury almost 7 years ago. She began her living experience at Harborview and as her needs changed, we moved her over to Allenwood. She remains active in her friendships and social life in both buildings. As a family member I am impressed that all the staff members address residents by their first names and they are interested in building relationships with them. My mother is very happy living in this community!” – Bev Frank, Daughter of Harriett Richards, Allenwood Resident
We are so glad we made the move to independent living. Our home was getting to be too much to take care of, and it was starting to be expensive and cause my husband and I stress. Now we can relax and not have to worry!” – Lionel & Barbara Deslaurier, Allenwood Residents
My mother was one of the first residents to move to the Homestead when it first opened in August of 2012 and from the beginning, I knew it was a very special place. The staff has been warm and welcoming to our family in so many ways. Every time I visited my mom, I felt totally included in all aspects of her life there.
The Homestead philosophy of fostering a family atmosphere among its residents clearly extends to family members. The Homestead was my 'home away from home' where I could stop in for a meal with my Mom, or enjoy a music concert, as well as meals and holiday celebrations - all in a home-like setting.
When my Mom became ill this past February and needed hospice care, she was able to come back to her apartment after a brief hospital stay. Thankfully, we were able to stay with her until the very end. I cannot thank the Homestead staff enough for their utmost attentiveness to my mother's care, as well as all the support they offered the family through a most difficult time. The staff were all there with big shoulders to cry on when I needed it. Thank you all for caring so much. If I ever have to move from my home, I'm booking the Homestead!” – Janet Bonneau, Daughter of Claire Bonneau, Resident of Homestead since 2012-2014
Initially Allenwood was thought of as a "convenience" by my mother, so she could have a place to live after selling their home, but because of several accidents with surgical interventions, Allenwood became much, much, more.
Everyone at Allenwood, including the shuttle drivers, dining room staff, chefs, laundress, housekeepers, maintenance and nursing staff provided compassionate, thoughtful and expert care for my mother. My mother's complete recovery and return to independence is the result of Allenwood's excellent care.
My family and I are so grateful to everyone at Allenwood for Mom's safety and comfort.” – Anny Cain, Daughter of Doris Bailey, Allenwood Resident
My Mom's move into Harborview has been the most wonderful experience for her. Everyone has gone out of their way to make her feel welcome and comfortable. My mom keeps saying she feels she's on the best vacation she's ever had and that everyone is so friendly and helpful!” – Heidi Wrighton, Daughter of Joan Frey, Allenwood Resident
My mother is 101 years old. On the second or third day of her being here, she said to me, "I feel safe here. If something happened, I know they will take care of me." It brought tears to my eyes.” – Art Marchassault, Son of Meg Marchassault, Homestead Resident
"Don't Wait" has become a frequent refrain of mine when speaking to friends and acquaintances considering a move into a retirement community. Harborview gives new meaning and dimension to Retirement and Community. "Don't Wait" to experience how it feels to be free of the burden of meal planning, maintaining a home and all kinds of domestic chores. "Don't Wait" to experience the joy of having quality time to spend on relationships, the kind that generate energy. "Don't Wait" to have time to listen and be inspired by the stories of others. I have experienced all of this in my three years at Haborview in the company of a gracious staff who have become like family. This is an environment where it is possible to celebrate being a Senior! ” – Roddy Cleary, Allenwood Resident
I came to live at Harborview from Florida to be closer to my family. I found the community very welcoming and I made friends quickly. About five years later, I moved over to Allenwood to be closer to the dining room and other services, and loved that I still saw my friends from Harborview at dinner each day. I love my apartment at Allenwood and am comfortable and feel at home!” – Harriet Richards, Allenwood Resident
The Pillsbury Manor staff has become like family. The care given to my father (now deceased) and my mother (now 89 and blind) has been professional and personal. Since I live out of town, I come and stay in my Mom's room so I get a close-up view of the round the clock care my Mom gets. Dad was Mom's "eyes" and now she is totally dependent on others to see what could be hazardous and to be sensitive to when she is disoriented. The Pillsbury caregivers are top quality. From those who serve in the dining area, to those who give personal care, the nurses and nurse supervisors, there is a genuine concern for the well-being of the residents. Every resident has their own little differences and the staff does their best to accommodate. They are quick to report any changes that may cause concern and are diligent to call doctors if needed. When there have been concerns, they have been responsive and caring. The activities offered provide something to look forward to when the days could be long and lonely. The building is very well maintained and the meals are delicious. I hope that if I ever need assisted living, I can find a place like Pillsbury Manor in my own state. If not, I just might have to brave the cold and move back to Vermont!
Thank you so much to all of you at Pillsbury Manor. ” – Sue Ellis, Daughter of Ninette Villere, Resident of Pillsbury Manor South 2011-2013
Pillsbury Manor South has a warm, attentive staff and a warm atmosphere. Residents are welcome to make their "apartment" homey and familiar. The staff is very accommodating. There's a wonderful social activities program. The directors know the residents and give them value by encouraging them to share their "unique" gifts with one another. It's a place where you can choose to be part of the community. The combination of the staff and warm atmosphere at Pillsbury and our frequent family visits made the experience for our mother a very nice one.” – Pam Erb, Daughter of Bunty Perry, Resident of Pillsbury Manor South
Independent resident at the great age of 90. Over the next 6 years, she was able to stay in her lovely apartment with gradually increased services. It was a comfort to her and our family to know she could "Age in Place". Eventually, she moved next door to Pillsbury Manor South to another lovely studio apartment furnished with all her own things. There she received full assistance in her daily life by a wonderful, caring staff. Our family feels so fortunate to be a part of the Pillsbury Manor Family!” – Beth Quackenbush, Daughter of Helen Quanjer, resident from 2003 - 2011.
Thank you to all of the dedicated staff at Allenwood. My brothers, sister-in-law and I felt welcomed and helped as we moved our Mom into her lovely apartment. My sister-in-law and I agreed that when Mom is finished with her stay, we are moving in. . . . from the first contact and reach out to Erin (Marketing Director) in December until June 7th when Mom moved in, we felt blessed to have found such a caring and wonderful staff of people. You all bring a special something that creates a feeling of "we care" to your interactions. We visited other facilities but none of them had that special spark. Whatever you are doing to convey that attention - keep doing it!
. . . know that you are appreciated beyond the capacity of words to express our gratitude. You touch not only the resident who is now moved in but the whole family.” – Lorraine Lane: Daughter of Yvonne Bessette, moved into Allenwood in June 2012.