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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Best Suited for Assisted Care?
A. People who need assistance with their activities of daily living, but who wish to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible. Activities of daily living include preparing and eating healthy nutritious meals, facilitating transportation, taking care of housekeeping and laundry, managing medication, assistance with hygiene, dressing and toileting. People who are no longer able or willing to maintain the upkeep of a home or live in an unsafe environment, experience incontinence and other conditions common with aging are well suited for assisted care as well. 24-hour nursing supervision is provided and individual care plans are created for each resident upon admission which helps provide peace of mind to many assisted care residents and families.  

Q. Who is Best Suited for Independent Living?
A. People who want time to focus on what’s important to them whether that is living in a community and meeting new neighbors, taking part in Tai Chi or Yoga or spending more time with family. We take care of chores such as snow removal, housekeeping, transportation, maintaining the house, etc. so you have time to enjoy life, participate in the many activities and events we offer and take advantage of restaurant style dining for the main meal of the day. Independent Living also means you have peace of mind knowing you live in a secure building and each apartment has two emergency call bells and pendants available with 24-hour staff ready to respond. Our weekly wellness clinic also enables you to pop in and ask questions of the nursing staff or have your blood pressure checked without leaving the comfort of your hour.  

Q. Is Pillsbury Manor Licensed?
A. Yes, Pillsbury Manor is a Level III Residential Care Facility licensed and regulated by the Vermont Department of Aging and Independent Living.  

Q. How Do I Reserve a Room and is the Deposit Refundable?
A. When an apartment becomes available, we require a deposit equal to one month’s rent and a non-refundable $1,500 administrative fee.  The deposit is refundable as long as you haven’t moved any items into the room yet and you send us a written request.  

Q. How Do I Furnish My Apartment?
A. We encourage our residents to bring their own furniture from home to make your new apartment your own space. For assisted care residents we can provide a bed and a dresser if necessary, but our independent residents must supply all their own furnishings. Our independent apartments come with full kitchens, but assisted care apartments do not, we do allow our assisted care residents to bring a small refrigerator and microwave. All residents can hang pictures, shelves and may put up any window furnishings they desire.

We do not have central air conditioning in any of our communities, so if you need air conditioning for the summer months you will need to provide a small window air conditioner (which can also be purchased from Pillsbury Manor) and our maintenance staff will install it for you. We will store it for our residents in the off months.

Q. What Happens if I Need More Care?
A. We strive to keep our residents as independent as possible for as long as possible, however when changes to your health occur, we offer several levels of care at our various communities.  When there is a change in health we will have a care plan meeting with the nurse manager, the charge nurses, the resident and family. At this time we can decide if an increased level of care is necessary for a short or long-term and what the increased level of care involves.   

Q. What is Your Pet Policy?
A. Pillsbury Manor is very aware of the therapeutic value of pets. We do allow residents to keep cats and other small pets, which they or their families can care for. Permission is done on an individual basis. Proper shots must be maintained. Upkeep of litter boxes, grooming, etc. are the sole responsibility of the resident. Cats will not be allowed to roam throughout the facility. We do not allow dogs in our communities, with the exception of visiting a resident or the facility.
We do require a pet deposit and Pillsbury Manor reserves the right to give notice for the removal of any pet that becomes a disruption or is not properly cared for.

Q. Can I Have Visitors and Can I Come and Go as I Please?
A. All residents are welcome to have visitors. You are welcome to have guests for meals; we ask that you give a 24 hour notice to the main office so we can make arrangements in the kitchen and there is a small charge for guests.

You are welcome to come and go as you please, we do ask that assisted care residents let the nurse on duty know if they are out of the building to make accommodations for any medications that may be needed. If an independent resident is going to be out for a meal we also ask that they let the dining room know.

Q. Can I Have a Car?
A. Residents are welcome to have a car and we will make arrangements for a parking space.

Q. Do you Accept Medicaid?
A. All of our communities are private pay.  We accept Medicaid on a very limited basis and only in our assisted care communities. Residents need to qualify for the Enhanced Residential Care (ERC) Medicaid Waiver Program through Choices for Care.  Please call for more information or contact the Champlain Valley Agency on Aging for more information on the Medicaid program in Vermont. 

One the second or third day of being here, she said to me, "I feel safe here. If something happened, I know they will take care of me."” – Art Marchassault, Son of Meg Marchassault, Homestead Resident
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